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Polyamory Therapy

Sensitive and knowledgeable therapy for polyamorous folks.

Image by Aaron Burden

Polyamory comes under the umbrella term of nonmonogamy, also known as ethical nonmonogamy, consesual nonmonogamy, or open relationship. No matter the title, when one begins to practice nonmonogamy, it often comes with a lot of emotional processing, which many of us are unprepared for.


And it's not our fault. The society and culture we have grown up in follows a monogamous script; when we go outside of those confines, we can expect that it will elicit emotions such as fear or depression. That's where therapy can come in; to help you talk about your feelings of jealousy rather than letting it steer the decisions being made, help you dismantle couple's privilege when it affects your other partners or metamours, or process fear of abandonment when opening up your previously monogamous relationship. While there are online resources and books to help people approach the delicate matter of polyamorous relationships, mistakes often are made and feelings are often hurt during the early stages of the process of exploring polyamory. 

Whatever your reasons for seeking polyamory-sensitive therapy, I am here to support you, whether it's individually, with your partners, or as a polycule. You don't need to tackle these issues alone, nor should you. Let's work together to help manage the emotions, nuances, and particular challenges that come with living as a polyamorous person in a monogamous society.

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